“May the noise in you power you to grow to make music again”

Channeling noise into music can overwhelm me sometimes, and I think creating beautiful harmonies probably takes courage, practice and patience. I suspect it might even require making what sounds like more noise, layered on the existing noise… as well as an appreciation of intermissions, the moments of silence in which that core heartbeat can be heard again. Perhaps when we find ourselves bobbing our heads to inner resonance, we’re glimpsing what could be a lovely alignment of frequencies, that which we call music.

It’s all a process though. Every note is part of something more than what was before it, every event part of the journey that spins noise into music. And that is a beautiful thing.

I love seeing those moments in which others decide to tune in and participate in making the world a beautiful symphony.

It becomes an empowering thing, for everyone altogether.

Life is always moving, reacting, expanding… building on layers for us to make sense of, music from, and I think if we can remember to love each other and ourselves while growing in each moment, the world becomes a more beautiful place.


After getting home from our Bassnectar experience, my friend Karin posted this image and quote, which inspired the response above… it was meant for her, but I thought it might be worth sharing and expanding on in the future…

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