Grooming Nature… A music video for “I Came Running” by Ancient Astronauts

This song, like many others with silent voices, stirs up emotions surrounding issues I don’t often talk about. I decided to mix together visual representations of what it makes me feel. There is a message if you watch closely.

The visuals in this video begin with a focus on nature, then man’s interaction with nature, segueing into the manufacturing of goods, and then of people.
Ideas on how the vulnerable are groomed, socialized to fulfill a role in society are communicated in this video, ending with a hint of reform – though still subtly suggesting another issue of current controversy… Do you know what it is?
This music video was created as a class assignment for MEJO 782 at UNC’s School of Media and Journalism to give students quick practice with Adobe Premiere. The song featured is “I Came Running” by Ancient Astronauts, and the footage is from the public domain.

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