“I Came Running” by Ancient Astronauts

This music video was created as a class assignment for MEJO 782 at UNC’s School of Media and Journalism to give students quick practice with Adobe Premiere. The song featured … Continue reading “I Came Running” by Ancient Astronauts

Looking Toward Utopia

The sun’s tingling radiation penetrated my cheeks and warmly nudged me from a hypnotic lull. As my bed rocked me back and forth in a steady, calming rhythm, I peeked … Continue reading Looking Toward Utopia

Fonxili in Europe

A Summer in Copenhagen, Introduction

One of my foremost desires is to see a sustainable future — one that benefits all and protects the most vulnerable — come to fruition. Incorporating smart technology with an … Continue reading A Summer in Copenhagen, Introduction

artistic ones and zeros, old computer magic

“Searching for Lost Pieces of Self”

Mid-sentence and crowded by a familiar stranger, something clicks over. The fear is back. The sweat percolates just below the blank space between each collar bone, in the narrow valley between … Continue reading “Searching for Lost Pieces of Self”

Quick freestyle. Add more?

Tapping restless fingers to this beat inside my soul, do you know this symphony of sympathy’s great toll? From yonder side of veiling pane where warm breath licks iced glass, from … Continue reading Quick freestyle. Add more?