“May the noise in you power you to grow to make music again”

Perhaps when we find ourselves bobbing our heads to inner resonance, we’re glimpsing what could be a lovely alignment of frequencies, that which we call music.


Shivers for survival stir in my core, as the thin, black trench coat does little to mitigate my loss of body heat. It’s cold enough to feel the bite, but the isolation … Continue reading Sad/Beautiful

Prickler plant, UNC Botanical Gardens

Escape by Transformation

There is something savory about the friction furnished by the subtle stubble on your face; it’s like a gentle, tingly massage cueing me in to the currency of the moment. If … Continue reading Escape by Transformation

crouching by the stream of consciousness

The Indigence of Inhibition

Shaky fingers caress the heartstrings of a stranger, as the mind tingles in anticipation of uncharted consequence. What has changed in these past few weeks,

artistic ones and zeros, old computer magic

“Searching for Lost Pieces of Self”

Mid-sentence and crowded by a familiar stranger, something clicks over. The fear is back. The sweat percolates just below the blank space between each collar bone, in the narrow valley between … Continue reading “Searching for Lost Pieces of Self”

Quick freestyle. Add more?

Tapping restless fingers to this beat inside my soul, do you know this symphony of sympathy’s great toll? From yonder side of veiling pane where warm breath licks iced glass, from … Continue reading Quick freestyle. Add more?