It feels tragic

It feels tragic –

The way we push forward

When feeling empty,

Feeling nothing,

Except what hurts –

The way we ignore

That sense of knowing

That it’s all so



The way we continue dancing,

on the verge of tears,

Hoping one day we’ll forget

That nothing actually matters.

We pretend

That we matter.

We do the right thing

So that something matters.

Because to someone else, things do seem to matter.

So as long as we make things better-

For those that things matter to,

For those who also feel pain

But may have a shot

At feeling something else,

Then we are relevant,

We have some reason to exist,

Even if it doesn’t matter

For us.

At least it matters to them,

At least they can feel the effects of our efforts, of the idea of a “better” world, even if in the most minuscule of ways, which is probably the state of everything…

At least we’re doing something.

I guess that’s all that matters.

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