the funny thing about love

The funny thing about love is that you can’t figure it out on your own. It’s one thing you have to try to stop trying to figure out, in order to become ready to embrace it. 
I think that the point of our journey in this world is to find the truest form of love that we can, through our own free-will.
Our ability for empathy is our aid. The gatekeeper is the tension between pride and humility, ego and unity. 
Operating on pride, we remain blind to the humblest of warmths, to the love in everything we encounter. When consumed in pride, we operate from a bias, from a lens that filters out the signals of unconditional love. And it feeds a cycle that strengthens the defense of that pride.
But when we reach that threshold — when we’ve undergone a world-lens shattering process, and finally choose, through our own free will, to become humble, we arrive at something new. We arrive at the state in which love is fluid, and we’re just happy to be here, enveloped in it’s fluidity. 
You’ve got allies my friend. Take the journey, become the master of two worlds- of your physical being’s navigation through this world, and of your inner connection to the channel of love.

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