“It’s slightly painful, the unsaid nature of these ideas.”

When ideas come at 90 miles per hour, it’s hard to capture them in a shareable way. They used to come at a reasonable speed, one in which 50 page papers ripe with rabbit holes and the juicy tension between a form of Socratic method and devil’s advocate could form without much effort. But now the speed is so overwhelming that it would seem the best option is to simply sum them up in one sentence abstracts. These perhaps aren’t fully appreciated by all that hear them, but nonetheless they can be broken down and applied to at least a dozen unsaid ideas.

It’s slightly painful, the unsaid nature of these ideas. They just want to live, but competition keeps them in the shadows. Their purpose and intent become almost implied, implicit in conversation, yet there’s a chance they and their paradoxical twin are never verbally established, not in an obvious way at least, these days. It’s rather sad, that an increase in ideas can lead to a decrease in expression, as though one loses touch with what’s new to others and assumes it’s all been thought through before. It all becomes tedious to explain, as the ideas interact and the boundaries between one idea and another become blurred.

Note to self: don’t lose touch with talking about things that seem obvious. Don’t worry about sounding repetitive. Ideas are meant to reverberate.

Language is a vehicle of exploration in relation to each other…

I’m doing it again.

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