Solar Fight Night 2020 – VR Edition!

A Networking Event
for the Solar Industry
- in VR!

Take a peek inside our VR World, custom-built for the Solar Fight Club & Solar Foundation

On December 21 2020, representatives from the solar industry came together to mingle, share innovative ideas and celebrate the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, in Virtual Reality!  Every year, Solar Fight Club hosts an annual Solar Fight Night – a networking event for the solar industry that brings funding and awareness to solar non-profits and helps accelerate sustainable growth. Solar Fight Night is the largest social club in the solar energy industry, and has hosted over 7,500 attendees since its founding in 2009. But in light of Covid-19, many in-person events were cancelled in 2020… Instead of cancelling Solar Fight Night, though, we overcame the barriers of space and time, by presenting the first ever Solar Fight Night: VR Edition! 

Solar Fight Night was accessible via VR headset, PC or Mac. Sponsors and guests included our client: Solar Fight Club; this year’s non-profit beneficiary: The Solar Foundation; sponsors: Novus clean energy, Suncast Media, and the Peck Company; and many others from the solar industry.

Virtual Reality is helping us improve accessibility to immersive, shared experiences, for people around the world, regardless of distance and traditional physical barriers.

This 3D VR world is a custom Cause & Christi build, created in Blender / Unity. Our producer is Leila Amirsadeghi (Mesh), and the world/event was created under the direction of Daniel Dus (Solar Fight Club) and Ben Erwin (Powersimple), who met with this us in VR to provide iterative feedback throughout the build process. The world is hosted for free on AltspaceVR. Altspace VR is a social VR app, enabling guests to create their own 3d avatars and move around in a 3D space together complete with spatial audio. This provides a level of immersion surpassing that of zoom. 

Over the past year, we’ve been creating a variety of spaces for live events – from networking meetups and celebrity performances, to burning man gatherings and educational workshops- there is always something going on!
You can browse photos below, and if you’d like to explore this custom world first-hand, create your own Altspace account! 
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Photos taken by myself, Ben Erwin of Powersimple, and the BRCVR events crew!
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My AltspaceVR username is Christi


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