VR Build: UN YOUNGA ft. Pitbull Performance

We created an afterparty in space, for the UN YOUNGA Bridging the Gap virtual event!
YOUNGA: Bridging the Gap, a UN sponsored initiative, is dedicated to connecting youth with entrepreneurs and world leaders to inspire changemakers and designers for the future. YOUNGA held a series of webinars / online events and then came to us to create a 3d world for their VR afterparty in AltspaceVR, featuring Pitbull. 
Spawning on the moon, guests entered a transport beam that levitated them through a magical tunnel and up into the event’s spaceship. Once aboard, they watched as the ship left its moon dock and traveled to Earth, where Pitbull: Mr. Worldwide beamed in for the performance of his single “I Believe That We Will Win”.  During Pitbull’s performance, the ship journeyed across the world. Meanwhile, specially-timed holographic landmarks and each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals phased through the ship’s viewport and floated among guests, before ultimately landing throughout the ship and persisting for the rest of the night.

This world was modeled and animated in Blender and Unity by Cause + Christi,  with video editing and event management by Doug Jacobson & Big Rock Creative, Executive Produced by Leila Amirsadeghi (Mesh), guest performance by Pitbull, for our client YOUNGA by BridgingTheGap Ventures. Kelly Lovell (CEO of BridgingTheGap Ventures and founding chair of YOUNGA) and Jeff Hoffman (Chairman, Global Entrepreneurship Network + Pitbull’s right-hand man) spoke and set the agenda for the night’s event.

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