“Licking the Candles” An Ode to the Dark

The dark,

Sweeps over the ocean’s face

From shore to horizon it crawls,

Cool and misty, caressing the carcass of an abandoned carrier ship

-Caught in a storm

Of apocalyptic magnitude

That once held the quietest of bodies

With the loudest hope

The dark,

Penetrates the monastery

Licking the candles to cast flickering folds upon the walls

Here it finds sanctuary,

Until the sun rises to vanquish its residence

And it hides in every crease and in every cavernous body.

The dark,

Says little

But if the whole being listens,

It will swallow and carry the wayfarer through time;

Both pausing and propelling a process,

In the most paradoxical of ways.

It will provide nightmares and tremors in those who remember their bedtime stories,

But shelter and safety for those who travel by the mask of night.

It will provide war for nocturnal species,

And rest for the ones who’ve breached the dimension and travel beyond.

The dark,

Will always be there.

And to fall into its depths

Is to find the beginning,

The time before knowing,

To let go of illusions and disillusions,

To let go of preconceived identity,

To fall into the depths of what is without light,

And to emerge,

It is to be given the opportunity to see the light that shines the brightest.

And transcend former ideas of clarity.

The dark,

Will always be there,

And the light will always come.

While you and I travel,

Suspended and spinning,

A blink against the dark void

That stretches infinitely,

Beyond and throughout.

And when the light comes,

The dark remains, in the shadows and in the pockets.

And within; and thus, we are ever chasing the light,

Like a cure to our cold

The answer to the question we did not know how to ask in any other way but to fall.





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