Let go of all else and just love.

Sometimes, the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves is to stop trying to fix things.

Maybe things don’t need to be fixed, or at least not necessarily by us nor for us. Maybe nothing is broken and things are just fine to change sometimes.

Maybe it doesn’t need to hurt. 

Sure, we can cry things out. We can turn our cerebral sadness into physical vessels of water and salt (and more). We can stand in the virtual and listen to voices of the past and crystallize them into the present.

But then what?

Maybe all we need to do is love and respect — to treat everything around us with kindness and compassion and know that everyone is in their own space along their momentary path within their larger life journey. And that’s okay — if they need help, they’ll reach out somehow. We can just be ready and open to listen when that happens. Or it won’t.

But, maybe we needn’t let outside conflicts or tensions affect our feelings of self-worth. If we make choices based on true, healthy intentions — choices based in a place of love, never malice or pain — and view others from a place of love, then we can view ourselves from a place of love, too.

We can cut down on the negative energy around us if we allow this to resonate — if we let go of all else and just love. If we don’t hold on — if we feel comfortable enough with ourselves to stop worrying — then life can flow with greater ease and perhaps take us further than we had planned.

Ultimately this might be how we can be most useful to the world, anyway.

2 Replies to “Let go of all else and just love.”

  1. The quickest path to happiness is letting love happen. It sounds so simple yet many get lost in the trees and lose it’s sight.

    I look forward to your future posts…

  2. To feel comfortable about ourselves, is what it is about for all of us! Accepting our own sensual and sexuall capacity, is what brings us closer. It may at first seem to be a selfish playboy approach to life. But make no mistake about it, if you cannot accept and love yourself, no one in the world can give it to you! Accept and love!

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