Infinity and Identity (First Draft)

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Let’s suppose that one means of approaching identity, considered here as an expression of place among existing possible places, is informed by a combination of elements: past and present experience, moment-to-moment decision-making, motives and deliberations, and the ways by which outcomes affect us, among other things.

Perhaps this conception of identity can be simplified: identity arises from the state of mind that coincides with an event—an event existing as a nearly discrete context within continuous time.  State of mind may be invariably linked to contexts of the outer world and to the inner biological/creative world: each, as part of a Rhizomatic system, influencing the other. These two worlds are likely never static and likely always in flux along continuous time, K>0, in terms of the perceived reality we are exposed to. Considering this context as a point in time, we can recognize that between any two points in time there are infinite other points in time. Each event—in combination with elements of the individual in question—helps to define one’s “experience of (their) reality.”And, considering the possibility that a state of mind is something that we experience within a continuous time-relativized “reality,” there are infinitely many moments, thus contexts, with which a state of mind may coincide. As such, identity would always be in a state of flux. And thus, in each limit or nearly discrete value along time, one’s identity would be renewed, reasserted in the mind and in the world.

Let’s propose the opportunity for conscious break with automatic behavior: the kind of nine-to-five robotic exchange that claims so much of contemporary life. Perhaps, a moment-to-moment mindful check can break persistence of automatic impulses that compel unconscious movement. Let’s suppose that in each moment, self-creation can be asserted. If one makes the conscious decision to be—to dismantle the corralling labyrinth—might a sort of enlightenment be glimpsed?

If one could cultivate awareness toward each moment and each tick in-between, perhaps one could unlock another kind of experience—perhaps, becoming more connected to the world’s energy. Thus, one’s identity, or inner reality, bears witness to its own evolution. This recognition of infinitely many possible identities and realities may allow for fuller consideration of behaviors and assumptions, helping to cultivate empathy toward the infinitely many opportunities for realized realities of others and contentment with everything.

…. But.

Let’s say that everything is all one thing and that we are all merely the re-purposing of matter and consciousness within a greater sum of matter and consciousness … While the intra-reality of everything may be in flux, is the larger sum of everything static?



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