Worth It.

One day, you will wake up to streams of sunshine seeping in through the blinds, kissing your cheeks with the warmest of greetings, and you’ll realize that you were worth it.

You were worth the daily newspaper you perused over breakfast and on the way to start your day, you were worth the dab of local honey in your fair-trade tea, and the few minutes longer you stood beneath the half-lit drizzle to soak up the beautiful rainbow over yonder.

You were worth that cool sip of water that symbolized an accomplished jog, worth that charcoal pencil you bought to etch imagination into reality.

You were worth the tears and cold sweat after every heart-break, the sleepless nights and the airy feeling when you just couldn’t find your footing. You were worth the chocolate, the hot and cold showers, the socks you washed and the socks you lost.

You were worth every loving word that was ever spoken to you, and every endearing gaze that locked with your own.

You were worth taking a step back from the ledge.


You are worth the moment, you are worth consideration in every decision you make now and every decision you will make.

And so are they.

You are beautiful, they are beautiful, and you are all worth it.

Have a beautiful life.

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