Carrboro Makers: A 3D creative model site plan

For my Green Architecture and Sustainable Design class this semester, we produced a 3D model of a sustainable community development design proposal for a site in Carrboro.

The site my team worked on included Fitch Lumber, bordered by the corner of N. Greensboro St. and W. Weaver st., and the corner of Oak Ave and Poplar St.

We performed a site analysis via walking tours, GIS analysis of features like topography, watersheds, floodplains, sun path, native trees and so on, and research on surrounding sites and the culture of Carrboro.

We were then given creative freedom for revitalization via a big picture design. The scenario:  we owned the entire site and the town of Carrboro had determined that there is need for a children’s museum, additional parking, residential and business infrastructure. From there, it was up to us to create a unique experiential space for the community.

The front corner at N Greensboro and Weaver currently sits as an empty, fenced in lot, which the community has hoped to see incorporated into the town experience for a long time. That empty, inaccessible lot is just a crosswalk away from the popular co-op, Weaver Street Market, which offers shaded outdoor seating and can become over-crowded during the warmer months.

Our site design extends the feeling of Weaver Street Market to the other side of the crosswalk, while incorporating its historic Fitch Lumber and Hardware into a Makers theme that evolves as visitors walk through the space.

This site design was built in the 3D building software “Sketchup”, from scratch and by customizing 3d warehouse imports.

I’ve poured well over 30 hours into the sketchup design, and have made a site tour available via this storymap I’ve put together- I hope you enjoy!

As time goes on, I will learn how to incorporate  3D models into the storymap itself for even deeper user exploration!

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  1. Pretty badass. Have you heard of Cradle-2-Cradle. One of my fav quotes: “Designers should be leaders, and leaders should be designers.”

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